Tripod 3', Includes Universal 2"' and 1 5/8" Pole - Each

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3' Tripod with Universal 2" & 1 5/8" Pole

The Perfect Vision PVTP3U is a heavy-duty tripod used to mount a satellite dish or off-air antenna. It is super sturdy, made of 18 gauge steel. The 3’ tripod includes a 28” long center universal support pole which is 2.0" O.D. on one end and 1 5/8" O.D. on the other end.

It can be used as an off-air antenna tripod or it can be used as a satellite dish tripod. The tripod can also be permanently bolted to building surfaces or even concrete with the proper anchor bolts which you provide.

The tripod collapses to a bundle that can be stowed in a RV or even carried in passenger vehicle if a portable antenna stand is needed in a mobile application.



  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Zinc / galvanized surfaces resist rust
  • Mount on roofs, decks or any sturdy surface
  • Swivel feet rotate to accommodate pitched surface
  • Can be used as a portable tripod for RV use