What is Starlink?

Starlink is a new low earth orbit satellite internet service from SpaceX.

How fast is Starlink?

Current beta testers are seeing speeds around 150-200Mb/s DL and 25-50Mb/s Upload which is sufficient for almost any household needs. Also important is the latency which is incredibly low compared to other satellite technologies. This allows for gaming, voip and VPN useage.

Why do I need a longer cable than what is included with the installation kit?

The Starlink receiver must have a clear view of the sky to work to its full capacity. Our extension and installation kits help you place the receiver in the best possible location.

Why can I only go 300ft using Ethernet cable?

The maximum distance for Ethernet is 100m, or 328'. Basically, your signal:noise ratio degrades after this point and the power is no longer sufficient for the Starlink receiver. If you need to go further distances you'll need to look at our coax converters or a fiber solution.

I work from home and can't have any downtime. What are my options?

When pairing the Starlink service with a Peplink router and cellular service you will have an unbreakable bonded connection.

 Are these extension cables Starlink approved?

No, here is Starlinks position.

"We recommend that you use the cabling provided by Starlink as we can not guarantee the same quality of service with 3rd party cables. Please note that the cabling Starlink utilizes is power over ethernet. If you should choose to make an extension, a power over ethernet cable option would likely give you the best results."

Our extension kits utilize the same AWG wiring in a shielded buriable cable similar to the included cabling and include a 100% money back guarantee.